Back office software features

Back office software features


Comprehensive inventory control for up to 300 00 products.
35-character description & 10-character size makes each product easy to identify.

Stock control options

Stocktaking groups allow closing stock to be entered for a range of items.
Bin location control in hospitality environments.
Aisle & shelf control in general retail environments

Reporting History

Nominate any starting & ending dates and allow PowerTill to collate sales reports and graphs.
PowerTill uses sales history to predict item sales up to 14 days into the future.


Re-order report allows you to create orders on the fly.
Order processing allows you to recieve orders with a single keystroke.
Auto-fill option will automatically fill purchases from allowing you to enter quantities received.
Change in cost price will automatically adjust costs of all recipes.

Recipe & food costing control

Recipes of recipes. Make up a batch of sauce and use this recipe in a range of other dishes.
Make up a pizza dough recipe. Add cheese & tomato to create a Margherita Pizza. All other pizza’s are basically Margherita Pizza + additional toppings!
Referred items allow you to order & receive inventory in cases but still allows you to sell in tots eg. tot refers to bottle and bottle refers to case

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