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The Butchery System has been designed to allow butchers to ‘cut’ a carcass into nominated joints of meat, checking for wastage and ensuring that the final cuts are correctly costed.

Cutting Schedule

Each type of carcass and grade of meat has a unique cutting schedule which informs the butcher how many kilograms of Rump, Sirloin, Fillet, Stewing Beef, Fat & Bone should be extracted from a ‘perfect’ carcass. 

The butcher joints the carcass and enters the mass of the individual cuts. He might end up with more Sirloin than expected but then he is probably going to be a bit short on the Porterhouse mass. At the end of the cutting process the total mass of all the cuts MUST balance back to the total mass of the carcass before cutting.

 Automatic Costing

The cutting schedule also knows the markup to apply to each of the cuts. In this way we might start of with a bulk carcass that cost R20 per kilogram and end up with Fillet @ R65 per kilogram, Sirloin @ R48 per kilogram, Fat & Bone @ R5 per kilogram etc.

Barcode Scanning

Once the meat cuts have been weighed and packed they are usually barcoded. PowerTill will support both price-embedded and weight-embedded barcodes. Which ever method is used, PowerTill always calculates the quantity (mass) sold so that stock control is always accurate.

Links to Electronic Scales

PowerTill links to a wide range of weighing and barcode-printing scales (Dibal, Libra, Mettler Toledo, TEC, Teraoka, Wedderburn etc).

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