PowerTill CaterCard software gets you to the front of the queue, quickly and easily.

Up to 300 000 accounts stored on-site

PowerTill can store customer name, telephone no, department, division, credit balance etc. for up to 300 000 users.

User lookup is via card number

The card number is used to lookup the user account. Lost your card? No problem! PowerTill can easily link another card number to your account.

Secure access to credit via PIN number

PowerTill can ask for a 4-digit PIN number every time you login. If you feel security has been compromised you can alter your PIN number at the point of sale or on a secure user-terminal.

Visual confirmation of identification

When used in a high-security environment PowerTill can display a photograph of the account user so that visual ID can be completed.

Control subsidized meals as well as personal credit

Purse-1 (food purse) used to purchase subsidized food items – incremented by meal allowance. Purse-2 (personal purse) used to purchase magazines, cigarettes etc.

Free-standing & wall-mounted credit loaders

Credit loaders can be used to load credit onto the CaterCard. Epson-Seiko, Artec and Matrix coin/note readers are supported.

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