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Who we are?

Power POS Systems was established in 1994 and is a major supplier of point-of-sale systems to the general retail and hospitality market in South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom.

We specialize in 4 main software products, namely PowerTill – for hospitality applications PowerTill – for cashless catering applications Adventus – for general retail applications PowerConnect – for head office <–> store link

We are the developers of PowerTill & Adventus point-of-sale software and importers of quality POS hardware.

This functionality is the result of a lot of constructive feedback from our Australian and British counterparts. When it comes time to count your stock, Adventus provides a number of features and options to make it painless and accurate.

Adventus features full Account Control functionality to help you track what your customers owe you for products taken on credit.

Debtor invoices and quotes are highly customizable so you can present a clean, easy-to-read document to your customer.

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