Coupon Overview

Coupons automatically turn on & off depending on time of day or day of week eg. issue personal-size pizza coupons at lunchtime and then let PowerTill automatically switch to family-size pizza coupons in the evening.

Redemption Report shows you quantity of coupons issued versus quantity redeemed. Easily measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

 Item-Linked Coupons

Ideal for issuing specialised item coupons.

Spread item sales eg. issue a coupon for Spinach & Feta Pizza when any other vegetarian pizza is ordered.

Value-Linked Coupons

Automatically issued when the sale total exceeds your preset value.

For example, Two free starters on next visit if the bill total exceeds $60.00

Advertising Coupons

 Issued automatically with every receipt.

Market your upcoming specials

Use coupons to generate income from business partners eg. the jewellery shop next door or the boutique across the road.

Coupon Benefits

Digital transformation to grow your company
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