How does the self-service kiosk work ?

The self-service kiosk was developed for our corporate canteen clients who were looking for an easy-to-operate food ordering system for their employees.

The kiosk asks employees to start the sale by bringing their security cards up to the RFID card reader mounted on the kiosk front panel. After entering their secure PIN number the kiosk then displays the employee details, photo ID and the employees credit balance. 

The software has been designed to allow up to 2 ‘purse balances’ for each employee, namely a food purse and a personal purse. 

The food purse is used to purchase subsidised meal items and the personal purse can be used to purchase non-food items like magazines and cigarettes.

Once logged onto the system the employee can then select food and drink items from a list of up to 300 000 items spread over 160 menus which are displayed on a 17” touch screen. The touch buttons are large and bright and typically show a picture and the name of the menu item.

The PowerTill software also gives the employee the ability to view ingredient and nutritional information for each of the menu items. Menu items that contain nuts or other allergens like legumes, seafood and shellfish can be highlighted on the product information screen.

Also displayed are the protein, starch and fat content for each item as well as the total kilojoules (energy value) of each portion, a very necessary table of information when you are on a controlled diet.

Non-employees (outside contractors) may also use the self-service food kiosk if the optional note validator or EFT device is installed.

 Kiosk Hardware

We have over 6 500 systems installed in South Africa, Europe and Australia and our success has been built on a very reliable database coupled to some amazing software functionality.

PowerTill restaurant software has all the standard functionality that you expect in a POS system


 Kiosk Software

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